Waiting for THE Moment

My Pianese Friend
A few days ago I saw a pepto bismol colored bloom with all the right lighting and shadows and thought THAT is what I want on my next post’s cover. Yesterday I sat out and took dozens of pictures from different angles.
A thought kicked in that said “if I wait for the sun to hit like it did yesterday I would have the perfect picture.” So I waited outside for an hour or so waiting for the sun to break through the trees and cast its rays across the soft pedals. When the “right” time did come, the light was too much for my camera to handle. I went back inside disappointed, then went back through what I did captured before.


I had been waiting for the opportune moment for my picture only to find out I already had it. My need to recreate a past moment almost made me miss a different, but just as beautiful one.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for THE Moment

  1. Wow. that is true for most things in life. its impressive that you patiently waited to get the perfect moment you wanted.
    came here from the community pool and happy i did so.
    hope you get to visit my blog too

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