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Hello my name is Mandi Bradshaw!


Welcome to: Unfolding the Heart!

I’ve been writing in this blog for six years now! This is my creative outlet and makes me do what I love most, write and create art. This blog is a reflection of my love of nature and shares the many artistic expressions I have about nature and life. The picture below that responds to your comments is my avatar ^_^.


If you need me for questions, commissions or events, you may contact me by:



8 thoughts on “About/Contact Me

  1. Hi Mandi
    Thank you so much for following my blog, really am very pleased.
    I love the idea behind yours, personally I have re-connected with nature, personally and photographically, it will not show yet on my blog or various websites but will in the future, while I grew up in the country and have an understanding of nature it was the city that inspired me, still does but recently I have found myself seeking a balance and solitude, making a connection, I have started working on various photographic projects which am not ready to share just yet but hopefully in the future, also I am looking at finding a more permanent space in the wilderness, or at least the countryside, where I can explore these ideas in more depth, watch this space.
    Thank you again and if I can be of any assistance with photo advice etc please feel free to drop me a line

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    • John,
      I am glad you as pleased, I enjoy your blog ^_^ I’ve been interested in journalism for awhile now and reading some of your entries has sparked that curiosity once more.
      I am glad you enjoy my blog as well. I love to read everyone’s connections with nature. I agree with your comment about a balance of both as well, we need community and nature. I look forward to reading more of your posts plus the ones that you mentioned are still in process. Thank you for your kind words and open advice. 🙂

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