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Hello my name is Mandi Bradshaw, welcome to:

Unfolding the Heart

This blog is my creative outlet. It holds different art forms of my reflections about nature and life. If you are interested in how the blog started and what led me to writing each week, check out: Behind the Blog or hover the mouse over the “About” tab.





The picture above that responds to your comments is my avatar ^_^.


If you need me for anything, you may contact me through:



8 thoughts on “About/Contact Me

  1. Hi Mandi
    Thank you so much for following my blog, really am very pleased.
    I love the idea behind yours, personally I have re-connected with nature, personally and photographically, it will not show yet on my blog or various websites but will in the future, while I grew up in the country and have an understanding of nature it was the city that inspired me, still does but recently I have found myself seeking a balance and solitude, making a connection, I have started working on various photographic projects which am not ready to share just yet but hopefully in the future, also I am looking at finding a more permanent space in the wilderness, or at least the countryside, where I can explore these ideas in more depth, watch this space.
    Thank you again and if I can be of any assistance with photo advice etc please feel free to drop me a line

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    • John,
      I am glad you as pleased, I enjoy your blog ^_^ I’ve been interested in journalism for awhile now and reading some of your entries has sparked that curiosity once more.
      I am glad you enjoy my blog as well. I love to read everyone’s connections with nature. I agree with your comment about a balance of both as well, we need community and nature. I look forward to reading more of your posts plus the ones that you mentioned are still in process. Thank you for your kind words and open advice. 🙂

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