A Lucky Find



A few weeks ago I went through an old box and found something very precious, a booklet of my grandfather’s. Inside was 5 1/2 pages filled with 54 four leaf clovers. The writing on the first page says “July 15 1949, 5 min work…10. 4 leaf clovers Charlie Jr.” I’m not sure if all the pages were gathered that day or if the first page was the day’s collection and the others were added later. I wondered, had he bought a lotto ticket if he would have won lol.


My Turn

While walking around the yard earlier this week I happened to find a few four leaf clovers of my own.




Instead of picking my day’s treasures I decided to capture them with my camera and leave them to their environment. And although I found 2 I didn’t even think to pick up my lotto ;).


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