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Nature Walk: 4/22/17


There is nothing like going to the arboretum to calm the senses. This time I took my mother with me ❤ .



When taking pictures, I made a point to get the name tags of our subjects. 



My mothers muse was the weeping Higan cherry.



These delicate pink flowers made me giddy and feel like a girly girl again, lol.



And mine was the Cucumber Magnolia.



We had others as well but…



We both came back to the Higan cherry one last time before we left.



All I can say from this experience is that when you feel drawn to visit a place in nature, follow your heart and go. And if anyone else comes to mind, they may want to go too 😉 ❤ .



Monday Moments:



From a distance I thought the glowing red I saw were leaves that had changed color. When I got closer I knew I found my muse…



(This is why going to arboretums is nice, I don’t have to try and identify my subjects from a book or Google, lol.)


Monday Moments: Just One



There is always one picture out of the many photos I take during a walk that seems to pull more than the others. This was the one from my mother and I’s outing yesterday. ^_^


Weekend Walk


I went on another photography walk with my friend Jenna a few weeks ago. This time we went to Leila Arboretum. We visited the Fantasy Forest and walked around in search of our muses :). 

New folder (5)


We were drawn to the variety of colors and textures of different tree trunks.

New folder (3)
New folder7
New folder (2)

We were fascinated by this one tree… I just forgot to look at it’s tag to see what type it was. It reminded me of a large rose bush, but with pine cones instead of flowers. The other picture on the bottom right was a different tree as the sun began to set.


As another walk came to a close, I thought “I am grateful of my friend and these weekend walks. I feel this is just what I have needed to get me back out into nature ^_^.”


Fall in Love

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year and the color display in Michigan is breath taking, so as a little project for myself I’m going to create the mini-series “Fall in Love.” For the next week I’ll share pictures of Autumn from the past and present.
Today’s pictures are of our walk last weekend with our dog (Bear) at Leila Arboretum, in Battle Creek, Michigan.

New folder2

I was hypnotized by all the colors in the sky.


Had it not been for my boyfriend, whom pointed at the ground, I would have missed these goldie-locks at my feet.


I rearranged them a bit with a smile across my face, and told him “this is for you.” ~ ❤


Battle Creek’s Fantasy Forest

Into the Artistic Woods

As a weekend refresher I stopped by Leila Arboretum and caught some great pics of the new Fantasy Forest. The ash trees were killed by Emerald Ash Borers, but artists across the US helped give the trees new life. I was amazed by the difference in each artist’s style and grateful to see families out enjoying the pieces. I had a wonderful time and plan on going back out again.


Enjoy the video below~My favorite was the one with the swing ^_^.



Unexpected Artist Date

While running a quick errand for my father, I decided to stop and eat an amazing black bean burger at Players Bar and Grill, then drop into the local Arboretum. I was going to have my artist date later in the week, but the timing and weather was too perfect to pass up. Since I had my camera with me I thought “why not?”


Pictures1 (3)
Gotta Love Flowers

I found a new setting on my camera (extreme close-up) and had a great time playing around with different angles ^_^.


Pictures (2)fix

Leaves and Things

I captured my palm tree friend after seeing their sad umbrella tops. As I walked around in the grass I found the design of a decaying leafs’ veins intriguing. The one below gave me a sense of fun and play as if the budding leaf were a fairy ready to dance. The other pictures unmentioned had appealing color compositions such as: cool colors, complimentary colors, and contrast of light and dark.


Pictures1 (2)

Do You See What I See?

Towards the end of my Artist Date I looked down and saw little hearts here and there upon my jeans. Yet another good day~ ❤


P.S. Thank you dad for giving me the opportunity to have a wonderful day 😉