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A Lucky Find



A few weeks ago I went through an old box and found something very precious, a booklet of my grandfather’s. Inside was 5 1/2 pages filled with 54 four leaf clovers. The writing on the first page says “July 15 1949, 5 min work…10. 4 leaf clovers Charlie Jr.” I’m not sure if all the pages were gathered that day or if the first page was the day’s collection and the others were added later. I wondered, had he bought a lotto ticket if he would have won lol.


My Turn

While walking around the yard earlier this week I happened to find a few four leaf clovers of my own.




Instead of picking my day’s treasures I decided to capture them with my camera and leave them to their environment. And although I found 2 I didn’t even think to pick up my lotto ;).


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Make a Wish


A Thought of a Desire

Have you ever had a strong need to have or experience something? Have you ever let the strong feeling go to appear on its own time, knowing that one day it would find you? Recently I had one of these experiences and I though I would share~


Last year and early this spring I had a small desire to find a four leaf clover. I had not seen one for many years and was starting to wonder if they really existed. I even looked up on Wikipedia.com. In my research I found that for every four leaf clover there are 10,000 three leaf clovers. At that point I let the wish go knowing that there was always a possibility that I may one day find one.


Why a Four Leaf Clover?

When I was eight or nine I used to search for four leaf clovers with my grandfather. He was the first person to connect me with nature. We would search for clovers on a small hill outside his house. One day we found 10-15 four leaf clovers. We brought them in and pressed them between two pieces of wax paper with an iron. We kept them for many years and after my grandfather passed I had not seen one since.


Wishes do Come True

When I let my desire go of finding a four leaf clover, I thought to myself ” I will find a four leaf clover at random. I will look down and find one because my grandpa is still with me. He will tell me when there is one at my feet”. I was walking around outside after hula-hooping in the grass and I just happened to stop and look down. At my feet were a large bundle of clovers and in the center was my four leaf clover…




What do you think? Have you had something like this happen to you before? Or have you ever found a four leaf clover? Write in and share your experience of wishes or luck.