Embraced Within the Fog

A Choice

I was driving home after a wonderful morning with a friend when I noticed how much the fog had enveloped everything. I thought how cool the pictures would be at the arboretum. Almost passing up this moment because I didn’t have my good camera, I decided my phone’s camera would be good enough. The moment was here and I didn’t want it to slip away  just because the pictures wouldn’t turn out “Perfect“. I’m glad I did because I would have missed out on soo much fun and love.



Towards the middle of my adventure I made one of my famous snow hearts ❤ ❤ Odin had a good time too 😉 ~ ❤ We even came across deer tracks, which Odin followed enthusiastically. The rest of my time out and about though was pretty much absorbed in silence.


When I left the arboretum I picked up where I left off at home. I grabbed my camera and went out to my favorite spot.

My connection with this tree is beyond words ❤ ! I’m not sure which one I like best, lol.


A Reflection From Nature

The top left was at the end of the day at my mother’s house. At any other angle this rock looks nothing like a heart! The top right and bottom left were after my favorite tree. The last heart is a deer’s footprint in the snow, at the right perspective 😉 .

As I walked back nature reflected my snow heart, from earlier, back at me four times the amount of love that I gave ;). I’m really glad I didn’t let the fear of my phone’s camera not being good enough get in the way of all that I experienced today. If you ever feel the need to capture or express anything, take that moment…. the choice is yours~ ❤ !



Nature Walk Compilation 11/1/17

There are some walks I take that just seem to start off magical… I know I’m going back a few weeks but this particular walk’s evening gold light was filled with wonder.

It started as I walked to my car. Glancing down at the roof of my car, reflections of fall trees were waving me off to another adventure.

I pulled into my destination and was greeted by these golden gals lazing in the evening sun. I took many shots of different angles, but sometimes I just like to lay on the ground for the best effect.


I came across an evergreen that wanted to get in  on the Fall fun, one spot had green, yellow and red needles.


I love to take pictures of tall grass tops.

I had no idea what this stuff was called but the suns rays lit them up in a way that I had to take more than a few pictures. 🙂

I thought this one had a nice heart shape.

And something about the dried leaves dangling down the slanted plant looked interesting.

My next muse was this beautiful tree. I’ll have to look next time to see what kind it was. There’s not much I can say about these next few because I just feel the pictures say more then what I could so enjoy~ ❤

As I left I took one last look back and saw a hidden path waiting to have someone sit down and listen, inviting me to come again soon.


Temporary Break

Dogwood ❤ !

This week’s post will be the last for awhile, there have been a few things recently that need my full attention. So, here are a bunch of flower pics that I have taken over the last two weeks~ 🙂 My temporary leave from the blog is unknown, but when I have the time I will write in every now and then. I am grateful to all of you that have followed this blog and I hope to hear more from everyone when I return. Thank you!

Daffodils and Golden Ducats

Creeping Charlie and a Dandelion surrounded by I think Purple Deadnettle.


Pink Dogwood, the middle one on the right was taken at my mothers house. It has been in the ground for 5yrs. and never had leaves or bloomed, but this year it did and it was spectacular! ❤

Leila Arboretum’s luminous Dogwood trees!

White Lilac, Dogwood leaves, and Dogwood flowers.

I’m pretty sure this is a Weeping Higan Cherry tree.

One Sunset, many layers and filters. See you all later! ~ ❤

Nature Walk: 4/22/17


There is nothing like going to the arboretum to calm the senses. This time I took my mother with me ❤ .



When taking pictures, I made a point to get the name tags of our subjects. 



My mothers muse was the weeping Higan cherry.



These delicate pink flowers made me giddy and feel like a girly girl again, lol.



And mine was the Cucumber Magnolia.



We had others as well but…



We both came back to the Higan cherry one last time before we left.



All I can say from this experience is that when you feel drawn to visit a place in nature, follow your heart and go. And if anyone else comes to mind, they may want to go too 😉 ❤ .


Nature Walk: 4/17/15


Sometimes a sudden trip is all we need and the past is one place you can go. Two years ago I made a quick decision to visit friends in Fairfield Iowa. Before we met up, I stopped off at Chautauqua Park. The cherry and redbud trees were in full bloom and the air was filled with the sweet smell of flowers.



As blooms filled the air,  spring beauties and wood violets speckled the ground.

There were flowers almost everywhere I looked.



I must have been under this tree for at least an hour, lol.



After an hour or so at the park, I finally met up with my friends at the town square. There weren’t any flowers there but ourselves ;). See you next week!


Nature Walk: 4/12/17

Back to Nature

After a project frustratingly fell through yesterday, do to program issues, I decided to take a walk with my camera to the arboretum. I was meaning to go out anyway, so it just got me out faster 😉 . My creativity and enthusiasm for the day was restored after my three hour adventure, lol, and if I didn’t have other plans I probably would have stayed out another three. My excursion lead me to common weeds, budding trees, and many types of flowers. Oh and after being quiet these last few months this post is a long one.


The Beauty of “Weeds”

I’ve noticed that I am drawn to things that are often overlooked because of their value to everyday life, like weeds. I’ll get up close to them by lying on my stomach or back and sometimes I wonder what passer byers think of me, lol. In my playful fun, I enjoy bringing back the charm of these simple plants with my captures. Instead of just calling them weeds I’ve looked up their names (if I am incorrect with any names in my posts, please let me know 🙂 ). The small pink ones are redstem filaree, the small blue flowers are slender speedwell, the tiny white ones are a type of bittercress, and the one in the center is a type of thistle that dried during last Fall.


Springing Forth

I came across a lot of budding trees, unfortunately I forgot to check their name tags… so I’ll research them a bit later and type them in. One of the buds I found interesting was the yellow and red ones in the bottom left corner, they turned into the greenish-yellow buds below.



The red buds on the left were hard to identify too, as a beginner “googling” red long buds doesn’t bring anything up, lol. The bright blue sky was a great background for the red leaves of the one to the right.



And I loved the contrast between the branches with red buds dangling above the green grass.

 Flowering Trees

My first remembered experience with Magnolias was when I stumbled upon them at my college campus in 2012. In fact, my blog avatar was from the same tree in the blog post  “Blooming with Nature.” Now everytime I run across a magnolia tree I am brought back to that experience. I think this year has been tough on the magnolia tree’s in Michigan, we had 70-80 degree days shortly followed by 2-3inch snow days. I had seen different trees drop their buds from the cold. These blooms where much smaller than previous year, but hopefully they will get bigger throughout the month.


The blossoms on bottom of the collage above are from cherry trees.


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

My absolute favorite season of the year is Spring, mainly because of the flowers. I came across this glowing pink hyacinth near the arboretum’s roadside. Near the end of my walk I finally came across the daffodils. And since I think the last few pictures tell their own story, I’ll leave it at that ;). After today there is a good chance you’ll see more posts like this, I hope you enjoyed it ~ 😀 .


Nature Walks: 2-13-17


Silently connected.


Roots run like rivers through the ground.


From one seed a tree has all it needs. Everything is here, everything is still, silent and reflecting.