Monday Connection: Nature Art


Activity Steps:

  1. Bring a camera with you and go outside.

  2. Find something that you would like to work with (stones/ sticks/ flowers/ grass/ mud)

  3. Pick a spot to place your creation and let it out ^_^.

    • If you are having a hard time creating something, you can start off making a shape with the materials you collected.

  4. After you have made your nature art piece take a picture of it and then walk away.

    • Letting go of your artwork is the best part of the experience of creating because you are freely allowing anyone else the opportunity to stumble upon your art. Have fun!

Need inspiration?
Here’s a clip from my favorite environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.


(To watch the rest of this clip, click at the beginning of the time bar.)

6 thoughts on “Monday Connection: Nature Art

  1. I hope you get to enjoy the activity! I made this heart with the pedals knocked off by the rain. In the moment I thought oh pretty pink pedals and look I have a ton of these brown thingies (which I now know are called catkins 😉 ). lol


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  3. I love him! I used to have a really nice book of his, but I gave it to someone. I have seen videos of him on public tv. I notice you wear Keen hiking boots. Me too, haha. i knew you were a kindred spirit when I saw the camera by your boots. Thanks for coming to my site. I will be back here.

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  4. Hi!
    Nature art is cool. I am trying to get more into photography.
    Thank you so much for following my blog Reflections! I am currently on vacation and will be posting again at the end of July when I return home. Thanks again,

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