New Year, New Home


I recently moved into my Grandparents old home, surrounded by woods. As I walk through the house and back yard I feel myself breaking through portals of the past. Drifting back to my childhood, a smile deepens within my chest.


The significance of this house comes from knowing that the structure was built by my grandfather and his brother. I spent many days working on puzzles, playing the piano, and learning about nature here.


While tidying up the house I ran across a puzzle, one of my grandpa’s favorite past times, in remembrance of him I put it together. I didn’t realize that this simple task would be so sobering, but after finishing it I experienced peace and a fullness within my heart.


I am grateful to have the opportunity to live here, since I have been here I feel I was able to finally grieve for my grandfather and start to turn towards my future goals. Now that nature surrounds me I know there will be more days where I can breathe a little easier :).


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Home

  1. Such a silent and loving post–echoes of my own childhood. I still take great pleasure in puzzles, even easier now that there are aps for that. 🙂


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