Where Am I?



Breathing silently, I catch view of something interesting. The darker greens of the other leaves seem to frame a changing leaf. The bright colors take hold of my attention and bring me to stillness. Snap. The moment is instilled within my camera.


 Momental Change

After looking through the pictures of my walk, one muses me and I begin to search for a moment like this in the past. “Ah, the wonderful colors of fall” then my mind raced to last yrs. fall and winter. “Ah yes that gorgeous Maple next door….oh and last winter was horribly cold,” bam! I was hit with worry of this winter being just as bad, “oh god please don’t let it be that cold this year… I should,” within seconds my mind went from present, past, to future. Eventually I noticed the run around in my mind and told myself to slow down because in that current moment the sun was kissing my cheek and the birds were still singing tales of Summer.


Here and In Between

I used to be constantly stuck in the future or past but slowly nature is teaching me to breathe and take in every detail of each moment as they pass. Nature has a way of grounding me in that point of time called “the now”. I can also experience this on my own by intentionally slowing down my thoughts and soaking up every gracious moment. The senses have a key role in anchoring the mind into the present point of time as well and in an upcoming post we’ll look deeper into this thought, till then I have a question:


  • What other ways or activities help slow you down and bring you to “the now”?


Next weeks post features a “rockin artist“, 😉 stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Where Am I?

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    • I see that you enjoy photography too ^_^ Taking the time to capture a moment can be all I need to slow me down, if not that then a deep breath will surely do the job. Awesome blog by the way 🙂 Trablog I think you already have achieved it.

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