Behind the Blog

I normally write posts about art, but this time I wanted to share how the three elements: nature, art, and writing brought me to creating this blog.

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Nature’s Connection

The person who taught me to acknowledge nature and it’s beauty was my idol, grandpa Chuck. There were many mornings I’d wake up to see him watching something behind his house, pressing his finger to his lips, he’d motion me over and point out three or four deer. On other days he’d put bird seed out on the back porch, and with his bird book handy tell me the names of each one that flew our way. He was always teaching me something and soon his interest towards nature became my own. He passed my freshman year of high school, but his connection never faded. Though he is no longer here, his curiosity and love for nature is still with me everyday.



Awakening to Art

My grandfather would make some crafts, but my mother was the one who initially introduced me to art. She had always loved art and still does today.  She encouraged me to seek the arts and it’s many forms. Through time I came to learn of art being a type of therapy for expression. I experimented with different art mediums and techniques and continued to learn more about myself through art’s process. Art can reveal emotions and because I had a hard time verbally expressing how I felt they would appear before me in my work. If I rushed too quickly to get my idea out, the product will feel and look hurried. Though art was one form of communication to others, I wanted people to understand more of what I couldn’t say and writing was my next step.


Writing’s Expansion

In school, I was the typical shy girl that kept to herself. English was one of my worst subjects. I had a hard time sharing my thoughts because they were often random and out of order. I got passing grades on essays, but I never really enjoyed English class because I didn’t fully understand all the rules of writing. It wasn’t until I got to college that I started to understand how to structure my writing. Now writing is as much of a joy to me as is drawing. I know my posts often need work, but by writing each day, I am growing in my understanding of how to commune with others.


What led me here today was the different experiences from the past and a desire to follow what I love. So what ever it is that you love to do or what you seem to slightly struggle with, don’t give up, because who knows how many other people you could help inspire with what you accomplish from your past.


7 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

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  2. What a treasure your grandfather gave you! I am hoping to instill in my own grandchildren the love of nature. Every time I have my older grandson over, we are hiking and exploring nature. I told him the last time that he visited me, that I hope one day that he remembers me for all our nature talks and hikes. 🙂

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